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Who We Are

Freedom Title Corporation was founded with the concept of providing an experienced and quick response to the needs of the commercial/industrial and developer/builder client. We needed to carry the integrity and financial strength of both great brand names and great underwriters. As a result, we became a full service title agent of Chicago Title Insurance Company and First American Title Insurance Company. We are proud in developing Freedom Title Corporation as a fine brand name in its own right.


We are recognized as doing just that, being the company with the experience and integrity who can deliver an answer quickly and with accuracy. We are focused on the needs of the client. And, not in the abstract! We want and do provide for the practical needs of the commercial and builder client as you will see throughout this site.


As a provider of a national and uniform product, we at Freedom feel the need to differentiate ourselves with a customization of services to the client, the need to be prudent yet flexible. We will take the extra time in the discovery process to understand your needs and take the extra step to understand the issues that need to be addressed. Whether it’s understanding what keeps you awake at night as a business owner or what you need to keep a parcel moving to closing, Freedom wants to be there.

The fact that Freedom travels to your office as a first choice is another differentiator. We have found many 

clients see this benefit as convenient and efficient in their business model. We also have brick and mortar if that is your preference.


If you are a builder, we pay out quickly, within one business day of receipt of the funds or less. In addition to a quick payout, we have additional tools to run your business.


A square peg may not fit in a round hole, however together we can develop options. From understanding the needs of your business plan, flexible underwriting on issues, to getting your deal closed, Freedom Title Corporation is about options.


We have developed and upgraded this website to include technological advances with the commercial practitioner and builder/developer in mind.


Look around!


We have forms and downloads available for FREE.


Freedom is also looking for members and partners. Both receive additional benefits that move beyond static forms. Take a look and become a member/partner. If you are not a client already, we hope you will see the advantages of becoming one.


If you have interest in becoming a partner, either as an agent or related service provider, contact us; we would be happy to come out and see you.

Freedom Title Corporation's team  has many years of experience and expertise. Our team has this expertise in a variety of disciplines: construction, commercial, tax deferred exchanges, title underwriting, condominiums and escrow facilitation.

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