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Residential Transactions


Whether it is a buy/sell transaction or a residential refinance we know that while it may be commonplace for people in the title industry, real estate closings are not everyday occurrences in most people’s lives.

Freedom Title is here to assist you and to answer your questions regarding the closing process. The team members at Freedom Title strive to make each closing as quick, efficient, and pleasurable as possible for all parties involved and to maintain the utmost professionalism.


Freedom Title handles builders and developers closings in such a manner that builders and developers have complete peace of mind knowing  the real estate closing will go smoothly and effortlessly and that the home will close on a timely basis.


On transactions that involve the end sale, Freedom Title provides invaluable services to builders and developers of all sizes because we provide the same services and products as the national title underwriters but without the hassle, and the waiting.


Further, for the individual homeowner and homebuyer in a purchase, we are the facilitator. We are there to assist the attorneys complete the transaction in a courteous and professional manner.


Similarly, those going through a refinance of their mortgage may or may not know why we are there. We do! We want to put you into a first lien position and do so seamlessly. We know we are an extension of you to your customer. Our job is to complete the transaction in a timely manner as your representative.

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